My Friend’s Farm Wedding

In June, I worked on the invite design and calligraphy for my friend Beth’s wedding. I was so nervous/glad to be nudged to create the invitation—It forced me to practice using the design software I have been teaching myself. (This will help me with designing plates for my press!)

But back to Beth’s wedding invites. Her sweet romance will be celebrated this summer at a beautiful farm estate. I wanted to reflect the lightness and sunniness of Beth and the farm in the invitations. Yellow, white, blue, and green… Flowers, a wedding dress, sky, and grass… Thoughts of Beth casually looking perfect in her white dress in the sun surrounded by people eating and laughing… I was hoping to reflect some of the images flickering through my mind in the invite. I drew some wild flowers using color pencil on water color paper, scanned the design and was able to add it to the text in my bitmap file.

The A7 invite ended up portrait style, I used the 100% cotton bright white savoy flat cards from Paper Source. Sunshine envelopes were the perfect compliment to the yellow accents in the flowers I drew, and Beth chose green ink for the calligraphy. Luckily, my color printer was up to the task (who knew—I don’t think I had ever bought a color ink cartridge for it before!)

Calligraphy Samples3 I was really proud of how it all turned out– Then, I got my own invite in the mail and the project came full circle. I hope the other wedding guests are keeping their invites on their fridges, anticipating the happy occasion later this summer, as I am!