Sea Heart City Press

It. Has. Begun.

Last weekend, Sea Heart City Press printed its first job! Coasters for my cousin Dale. But let me back up and explain this progression….

Picking a press name—Not an easy task. With so many creative press names out there already, I wanted something personal. With help from my family (and inspiration from literally reading through every name on the Briar Press registry), I created Sea Heart City Press. Translation: I am a beach kid who loves the city. I respect the ocean and believe salt water heals everything. After breathing sea air for 20 years, I started to call some of the greatest cities in the world home… from Madrid, to New York City, to London and now DC. Cities make it easy to disappear beneath steel, marble and concrete. I see the city lights sparkling out my window each night and can’t help but picture the moon shining brightly over the sea. Sea Heart City because my heart is stuck between the city and the sea.

But! Mulling over names held up my printing for a bit…. Can’t print a card without a name on the back! Then eventually while I was obsessing over fonts online, I found the font The Skinny. The graphic designer and artist behind the font has allowed me to use it for my press name insignia on the back of each of my cards. Slowly I started drawing my card ideas, scanned them, and then got the push I needed from my brother, graphic designer and owner of Scott Fisher Designs, to order my first round of plates.

The rest is history and this is the first inked print off of my Kelsey 6 X 10 since it has been in my possession.

Sea Heart City Press

Thank goodness I had such patient and wise instruction at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center from Grey Moggie press… Things were not lining up in the beginning. With careful padding and creative use of masking tape, I was able to calibrate my press. Of course I took things too far and pressed 300 coasters (back and front, so 600 times)…. Once I got going, I could not stop! Believe me; the swollen palms were totally worth it.