A quote for Maggie Paine, LLC

You might think my work inspires my clients, but it is quite the other way around. Everyone I have met through calligraphy has inspired me with their projects, party ideas, beautiful invites, and creativity.

One of my favorite clients has just launched a new business of her own, Maggie Paine LLC. Maggie is a fabulous person with amazing style and I encourage you to check her out and get fashion and lifestyle tips from an expert.  Just being around her makes you feel good!

Last year, Maggie trusted me to write her wedding envelopes. She continues to encourage my work by commissioning quotes every now and then. When I learned this quote was to decorate the new office of Maggie Paine Image Consulting, I felt honored and delighted. This piece deserves to be read and re-read… for all of us who are working towards finding a turning point in our own journeys:

A turning point comes.
I cannot tell you
where or when, for
each of our lives is
set to its own rhythm,
but none moves
without change, that
hinge of the heart
where all that came
before shifts to a new
beginning. When it
comes you will know
it. You will feel the
presence of God call
you to turn, to turn to
new horizons. Be
ready. A turning
point comes, when
vision is embodied,
when faith becomes
a choice, when what
you do turns to who
you will be.

With permission
Hope As Old As Fire
by Steven Charleston
2012, Page 96
Red Moon Publications
Oklahoma City, OK